‘On the Lig’

It takes guts to be a loser.

They came for the American dream but ended up finding lunch in the dumpster.

It’s an Irish Flight of the Concords meets Extras about the art of the mooch, as Dara and his friends, transplants from Ireland, “lig” or “sponge” their way through New York to sustain their artistic careers and their stomachs.  They constantly get in their own way so despite their considerable talent they are forced to sponge their way through New York and their life in this new TV show.

On The Lig

Definition of “On the Lig”“Attending parties, openings and social gatherings with the intention of getting free food or drink.”LOG LINEIt’s the art of the blag as Dara and his friends, a bunch of strivers, chancers and “also rans”, try to make a go of their lives in New York to kickstart their careers and fill their stomachs by any means necessary.
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Media Factory is an Emmy award-winning production company. The company has produced documentaries for PBS (US) and RTÉ (Ireland), educational programs for Canal Cl@se (Venezuela), C.E.O. Women and The Chabot Space and Science Center. Other clients include the National Endowment for the Arts, Lego, Wired Magazine, Discovery Channel Online and Independent Film Channel.

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